Monday, May 03, 2004

I’m deeply ashamed…
I have a terrible secret. I live in fear that this blackness in my soul will be exposed. However, I’ve decided to try to free myself of my demons. According to the End-Time Deliverance Ministry at, inadequacy, insecurity, and unreality (and a whole lot more) are all demons. Apparently, you have to cast out your demons before you can be delivered and practice spiritual warfare on a daily basis. Now the complete list of demons is kind of long, so the demons above are just a start. I’m sure I’ve got more…

Anyway, what sins are my demons causing me to commit? Here it is: I love trashy fiction. I’ve read almost every John Grisham book, every Tom Clancy novel, and all sorts of crap that they sell at the checkout counter at the grocery store. I tend towards spy novels, courtroom/lawyer novels, and crime thrillers. This may be the worst part – I’ve read every book in the Left Behind series (except the Glorious Appearing – I’m too cheap to buy it in hardback) twice!

Now, in my defense, I also try to read the novel that wins the Pulitzer each year. The books that win the Nobel prize are usually a little too esoteric for me. I think one of the reasons I feel guilty is that I have a solid liberal arts education from a very good school and I’m afraid my professors would lose all respect for me if they only knew. Such shame to live with!

Is it really a sin to love trashy novels? I’m reading The Da Vinci Code right now, but it’s just so I can witness against it. Really!



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