Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Country Church

We attended church this past weekend with Sarah's grandparents in Hunters, Washington. Hunters is a very small town, northwest of Spokane, Washington, and pretty close to the Canadian border. Sarah's grandparents at one time owned a 2,500 acre cattle ranch in Hunters, but since their retirement they've sold about 2,000 acres. Sarah has more details about our trip here.

Anyway, they attend the Cedonia Community Church. It is a great little church and the pastor is very nice. I suspect if we had an in depth conversation we'd discover that we're eons apart in terms of our theology. His sermon was interesting though. He made one point that I thought I was pretty good. He said that if you love someone, you'll get to know them. Thus, as people who claim to love Jesus, we should know him. He challenged the congregation to get a red letter Bible and spend time studying the words of Jesus. He acknowledged that you have to read things in context, but as followers of Jesus we should know what he said during his time on earth.

That's not exactly earth-shattering, I know, but it is profound in an obvious sort of way. It's easy to talk about Jesus, but I know that I don't spend enough time really thinking about what he said and did in his ministry. I don't know that I need a red letter Bible, but it's a good point. As followers of Jesus we should be deeply interested in his life and his words. There's obviously more than that to being a Christian, but you've got to start somewhere.



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