Friday, March 26, 2004

There was one more thing I wanted to add on the postmodernism discussion. An article in Slate (an online magazine on MSN) inspired me to differentiate modernism and postmodernism using two tv shows.

CSI is an excellent example of modernity. There is (virtually) always an answer. The truth is knowable and science is how we know. Through the scientific method we can answer almost any question. We can find out pretty much exactly what happened. Questions of “why” are less important than “what” and “how.”

The X-Files on the other hand, is very postmodern. “The truth is out there,” we just don’t know where. Science can’t explain everything and the universe is much bigger and more complex than we can understand. Even the rational and scientific Scully has to admit that science can’t answer some questions. The X-Files is all about questioning assumptions, particularly the scientific and rational assumptions that are at the core of our society.

Does this work? Maybe. At any rate, I think it’s kind of fun.



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