Monday, June 14, 2004

Reflections on preaching
I preached on Sunday and I liked it - a lot. According to my seminarian friend I made several classic first-time preacher mistakes: I talked too fast and tried to cover too much. But I heard from a lot of people (including my friend) that I did well. To be honest, I was pretty surprised to hear that.

The reason I was surprised was that I didn't think I was really saying anything all that crazy. I also assumed that people had heard it all before. But I think that I was able to articulate my "journey of faith" in a way that really reasonated with some people.

I'll post my sermon later today or tomorrow. But what I did was try to explain how I answered some of the big questions that were holding me back as I explored my faith. I guess I realized that a lot of the people I worship with every week have been asking the same questions and it is comforting to realize that we're not alone.

I think that is what Jay is talking about when he says Christians should be engaged in a "ministry of presence." I realized yesterday what a powerful tool preaching can be for sharing our stories. I hope I can do it again soon. Do you think its beneath me to beg?



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