Thursday, June 10, 2004

Thieving Bastards
Someone broke into our church yesterday morning or the night before. Thankfully there wasn't much damage but we lost a new computer we'd purchased and our projector that we use in worship. One one hand I want to believe that whatever they took they needed more than we did. But to be honest, I hope that they trip and break a leg or an arm. I don't want them to die, just to suffer a little bit. I think feeling violated is very normal. What I really wish is that we lived in a world where people didn't need to steal to feed their drug habits (probably meth around here). The reality is that we can replace everything that was taken. I think rebuilding trust will be harder. I hope that we don't feel the need to turn our church into a fortress.

Being half-serious, this break-in shows the lack of religious awareness in the Pacific Northwest. No reasonably well-informed burglar would break into a Methodist around here looking anything of real value, much less cash. They should have tried the megachurch across town that just built an addition (to their already massive complex) probably twice the size of our church. Of course, they probably have attack dogs, a fully automated electronic security and surveillance system, and a heavily armed elite attack force standing ready. That was kind of mean, but that church has better a/v equipment than most movie theaters.



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