Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Makes sense to me!
Jenell Paris had this to say (quoted below) in response to Javier Sampedro's great thought (also quoted below).

Doesn't God live within us? If so, we ought to honor the God within, as well as honor him in heaven and in nature. I think it's an insult to say that you've asked Jesus into your heart, but then say you're still a worthless piece of crap. It's an insult to God, and to ourselves.

Here's one of Javier Sampedro's great thoughts:

I think that this constant debasing ourselves may do more to cripple the Kingdom of God than many other things. We have this theology that tells us that we are no good and then when times come that we should be revealing the Kingdom, we feel unworthy or incapable of doing it. So the Kingdom of God stays there, shrouded. Waiting for someone that doesn't feel the need to remind God for the 567th time that he is not whole.



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