Sunday, May 23, 2004

My first experience leading worship at church went well by all accounts (that I heard anyway). I didn't mess anything up as far as I could tell, and more importantly, I really liked it.

Before the service started I was greeting people as they came in. An older couple I didn't recognize sneaked in while I was talking to someone else. I found them in the sanctuary and introduced myself. The man said, "Are you the preacher here?" I thought, you know, I could be. I'd like to be. I like doing this. Then I explained what I was doing there and we proceeded to have a good conversation. He and his wife are from Florida and they were in town visiting their grandchildren. He was sad that he couldn't convince them to come to church, but he and his wife seemed very happy to be there.

It was a good experience. My preaching debut is June 13th. Thankfully I have the luxury of having several weeks to prepare my sermon!



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