Thursday, July 29, 2004

I may hate politics, but at least I've still got my sense of humor...
I'm going to take this opportunity to plug something that probably in no way needs a plug from me.  Last night I stayed up past my bedtime to watch The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.  As always it was gut-bustingly funny and well worth my time.  They did a beautiful job skewering the Democratic Convention.  How often can you include the words "goat-ball licker" and "turd miner" in what is actually very insightful political commentary?

I'm anxiously awaiting the Republican's turn...except it's almost too easy with them.

It's a pretty sad commentary that Comedy Central's fake news is more educational and insightful than the networks' real news.  Watch it if you can.  You'll be glad you did.  Unless of course you have no sense of humor... then you'll probably hate me.  But that's ok!



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