Monday, April 19, 2004

In the last several days, a story has broken about how Randall Terry’s (the founder of Operation Rescue) is homosexual. Jamiel Terry “came out” officially in an article in Out Magazine (an excerpt of the article is available at Beliefnet). Randall Terry responded with a commentary at the World Net Daily. They were each interviewed separately and those are available at Beliefnet also (Jamiel Terry, Randall Terry).

Jamiel Terry rejects his father’s anti-homosexual beliefs and Randall Terry feels his son “sold out” the family by accepting money for his "coming out" article. Randall Terry stated that his son is no longer welcome in his home because he feels his son does not respect the privacy of the family and might reveal more to the press.

I don’t want to get in the middle of this and argue that one or the other is right. I think it is incredibly sad that this matter is getting played out in the public eye. This is obviously an incredibly difficult issue for that family, and I’m sure the media attention won’t help resolve it.

I also wonder about the ethics and responsibility of the media. I’m sure they’d respond that Randall Terry’s public anti-gay stance make his son’s sexuality an issue of public interest. Certainly, it is also the case that his son contacted Out Magazine and this isn’t a circumstance of him being “outed” by the media. I just wish that the media didn’t report these kinds of stories with such gusto. It's hard to be witness to such pain in any family, no matter what your political leanings are.



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