Wednesday, October 20, 2004

I was coming home last night I heard a radio advertisement in support of Oregon's Measure 36. Measure 36 would define marriage in the Oregon Constitution as between "one man and one woman." This ad claimed (among other things) that should Measure 36 fail, schools would have to teach gay sex. Other ads ominously declare that "liberals and activist judges" are out to destroy your way of life.

So why the scare tactics? I think it is because if you try to present the issue reasonably it comes across as an exceptionally ugly form of discrimination. Try this on for size:

"Vote for Measure 36 so we can formalize discrimination against homosexuals in the Oregon Constitution!"

"Support denying homosexuals equal protection under the law. Vote for Measure 36!"

Measure 36 is discriminatory. It is ugly, it is evil, and it is wrong.

It makes me incredibly sad that the main people supporting this initiative are Christians. This measure is probably going to pass, primarily based on the political and financial support of Christians. Now that's the love of Christ in action!

I'm pissed.

I'm sad.

I want to curse, but I won't.


No on 36!



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