Friday, October 01, 2004

No Debate

Last night, though it may be hard to believe, I didn't watch the presidential debate. Instead, Sarah, Claire and I went to a fundraiser for the Bethany Christian Services Adoption Agency. A member of our church works as a birth-mother counselor for Bethany. Now the real reason we were there was that Sarah was involved with a scheme with the birth-mother counselor to setup a single guy from our church with a coworker of the counselor, but that's another story.

Reading Bethany's statement of faith, I realize that we come from very different worldviews. But Bethany is commited to finding homes for children who need them. You can't argue with that. We heard some great stories last night about families that have stepped up take children into their lives. Pretty amazing stuff.

Read my friend David's post on how he and his wife (my friend Melissa) are starting the adoption journey. They are great people who will be fantastic parents. I pray that they will be blessed with a child soon! Speaking of children and prayers, if you're so inclined, I'd ask for prayers for two couples who are good friends of ours. I'd like to respect their anonymity, so I won't say names. One couple just discovered that they are pregnant with their first child! The other couple is also starting the adoption process - they're at the same stage as David and Melissa. We're very excited for all of them!



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