Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Preaching, again

I have the opportunity to preach again this Sunday for Laity Sunday. Having done it once, I'm feeling a little more weight on my shoulders to do well. One of the good comments I got from my friend David (who is an excellent preacher, in my humble opinion) is to not try to cram every idea I have into my sermon. When you don't get to preach very often it is very tempting to try to say everything that's on your mind.

What's funny is that scripture the pastor picked (out of the lectionary, I assume, but I've been too busy to check) is the 2 Timothy passage used to support biblical inerrancy. Great timing for me, because I can use what I've written here as a start.

My challenge is to condense my thoughts into a single coherent message that leaves the congregation with something to take home. It's not enough to just say that I don't believe in biblical inerrancy - how do I think my perspective on the nature of the Bible should influence our lives as Christians and shape our approach to the Bible? When I find an answer, I'll let you know.



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