Tuesday, August 17, 2004


This weekend was the 2004 Oregon International Airshow in Hillsboro. The main attraction was the Blue Angels. We did not actually attend, but as our house was more or less under the flightpath we got to see quite a bit. It was an incredible display of skill that was enjoyable to watch and hear. The roar of the jets was incredible.

We were standing outside when one of our neighbors made a comment about how terrifying that sound must be to Iraqis. Imagine hearing it all day and all night along with the sounds of explosions. Imagine wondering if that next bomb was going to drop on your house? It reminded me that as much fun as it is to watch the show, these machines were designed to kill people. It is something that they do incredibly well and for much of the world, our air power is a tool of death and destruction, not entertainment. At the very least, it should give us empathy for the innocent Iraqi civilians who lived (and those that didn't) through our air assault.



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