Monday, August 16, 2004

Top ten reasons I'm not like Bill O'Reilly

A commenter in my previous post where I renounced being nice (at least temporarily) argues that my forceful statement of political and religious beliefs (they would probably call it a rant...) is on the level of Bill O'Reilly. I strenuously disagree and hereby offer this top ten list in response:

10. I have more hair.
9. I am not getting rich being mean to people.
8. Sadly, I do not have a radio and tv show in addition to this blog.
7. I freely acknowledge that this is a "spin-zone."
6. Liberals do not make documentaries about my employer's pro-GOP bias.
5. In fact, no one makes documentaries about me. I might add though, I think I'd be a magnificent subject.
4. I self-righteously pontificate, but no one listens.
3. I have never engaged in a shouting match with Al Franken. If I did though, I would kick Franken's ass. (Nothing against Al Franken, but O'Reilly seems like kind of a wimp when he can't cut you off.)
2. I'm actually interested in your opinion.
1. If I were like O'Reilly, when you tried to leave a comment my blog would interrupt you and call you names.



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